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Made Legend is a small 2 man studio conquering the world one project at a time. We’ve lent our swords to the conquest of many a noble cause. Enlist us for yours.

  • About Us
  • Made Legend is a small studio with big heart and a big imagination. Started in 2002 by Carl Bender and Cassidy Bishop, Made Legend strives for the authentic in every project we take on. While a large part of our focus is in the music and entertainment industries, we love to work with anyone who believes the world to be round despite popular belief to the contrary.

  • What We Do
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  • Our Projects
  • Made Legend loves good design just about us much as we love good music. As such we’ve developed some useful web based tools for the bands we’re into. Made Legend Heavy and Made Legend Lite are online shopping cart applications for bands and record labels that we take pride in giving birth to. These applications were created to give musicians more control over their online merch sales.